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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go - Aziatix Lyrics Video

Download this Go by Aziatix video lyrics. Go - Aziatix lyrics video via YouTube, comprising of three talented members with varying levels of experience in the industry, they write and produce their own songs and also are very familiar with the music industry.

AZIATIX members are Flowsik, Eddie and Nicky. Nicky Lee is a highly popular male singer with five solo albums released in Taiwan. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has also released tracks in Korea but has found more success in Taiwan. Eddie Shin released his self-produced album, “JUST MY WAY,” in Korea. Eddie’s strong vocals are based in R&B along with his own style of R&B. Meanwhile Flowsik has performed as a rapper in New York’s underground hip-hop scene as he is born and raised in the concrete jungle. See also Perfect Spy Episode 1 (Korean Drama).

Go - Aziatix Lyrics Video

don't have the words to saybut baby i'm goin' awayi took another road aheadand i'll be so far away

[Eddie]gonna fly to where my water's sky bluemartini, margaritas on the beachyeah, now's the time to party the night throughnot you girl no one but me

[Flowsik]it was nice to greet yah,and it was nice to meet yabut i know that i'm off the hooki'm fishing for another keeperi'll delete ya, never reach ya girli'm done with putting you on,on never call you again 'cuzi'm gone with the wind for the kidit's time to move on, on

[Nicky]baby i don't mean to be clichebut it's not you girl but mestill got a lot of player left in meso i'll be on my way

[All]babe i gotta GO GO baby roll..adios and i'm out the doorbabe i gotta GO GO baby roll..can't go on playin' you no more
gonna go far awaybabe i'm goin' far far away
babe i gotta GO GO adios..it'll never be the way it was before
gonna go far awaybabe i'm goin' far far away

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